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Hope in the Heartbreak

Daniela Aliy shares her fears for the natural world in light of the recent government shutdown. Unafraid to ask the big questions, Aliy takes the reader on a journey from the darkness of those affected by the government shutdown, to the light of community to support each other and the earth we call home.

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Being Trans in the Outdoors

In 2019 one of the many things we hope to see is more awareness around acceptance of the transgender community in our culture and the outdoor industry. We are grateful to have Emmy Johnson on our team as they have helped us make our store gender neutral friendly and will be leading a training for our whole team on January 9th. In this post learn how you can be a part of making our society more accepting of the growing gender neutral population.

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Outdoors: the Antidote

One of our incredible interns, Daniela Aliy, openheartedly shares how the outdoors helped her find her way back to happiness, deeper connection with others, and a sense of community. Learn what the outdoors can do you for you in bettering your mental and physical health through this tender and poignant narrative piece.

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Sustainability Trade Offs

Meet Rabina Sawhney, one of our University of North Carolina sustainability interns at TB&C. We are thrilled to feature this piece written by Rabina about ways to live more sustainably in your daily life. These simple tips make sustainability accessible. We hope Rabina's post inspires small changes that make a big impact.

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