Discover Fourpoints

This year at Outdoor Retailer we discovered Fourpoints, a nutrition bar with real food ingredients that are ridiculous delicious. Fourpoints bars fueled our busy Outdoor Retailer show and our adventures in Colorado. We were lucky enough to hear the story behind the bars and meet the founding brothers Kevin and Patrick, and the friends they brought on to build Fourpoints, Steve and Jeff. Savor this sweet interview and then come in the shop to try out a Fourpoints bar.

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The Importance of a Riverkeeper

Haw River Assembly protects the Haw River Watershed. This includes nine hundred and twenty miles of streams feeding into the Haw along the 110 miles of the river, the 14,000 acres of Jordan Lake, and the plants, animals, and people who depend on the river. Riverkeeper Emily Sutton shares all that the HRA does to protect our rivers for the generations downstream. And mark your calendars for the Haw River Giveback Weekend!

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Life At Sea

In the past nine months, Marley Parker has spent 100 days at sea. She joined four different major research expeditions, culminating in over 100 days spent living and working at sea. In this Glass Top Counter post she shares a few moments (and people) that stand out in my mind. Join us November 16th at 6:30pm at the shop to hear her speak about life at sea.

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Today is the Day

While American democracy has been a divisive topic throughout our nation in recent years, we at TB&C are trying to put that passion towards informed and attentive voting. In this post, learn about the resources available to you, the influence you have in choosing to vote on election day, and the impact you make in deciding where to spend your dollars on a daily basis.

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The Privilege Of Voting

TB&C Intern Daniela Aliy from University of North Carolina shares a moving piece on growing up as a first generation citizen in America. Read her powerful writing on the privilege of voting.
“ Vote for the voiceless. Vote for those who can’t. Vote for the sake of voting. Vote as a citizen of the United States.”

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Outdoors: the Antidote

One of our incredible interns, Daniela Aliy, openheartedly shares how the outdoors helped her find her way back to happiness, deeper connection with others, and a sense of community. Learn what the outdoors can do you for you in bettering your mental and physical health through this tender and poignant narrative piece.

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Daunting Terrain

Adventure into the unknown with Marley Parker: TB&C brand ambassador, professional explorer, talented writer and photographer. In this candid post, Marley shares the daunting and delightful aspects of an adventure lifestyle on the road and off.

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