Family Camping

Our team at TB&C recognizes that camping can be intimidating, especially once you have children. The gear list grows longer. Finding a campground that is kid friendly with plenty of activities for your children requires extra research. The notion of a simple weekend outdoors can become a complex and admittedly daunting undertaking. 


One of our mission’s as a local, family owned adventure outfitter is not only to provide gear for the outdoors but to create increased accessibility for family adventures. We believe the best way to create stewards of the earth is to give kids the opportunity to develop a meaningful relationship with the earth that inspires a lifelong desire to protect it.


We hosted our first family camping event last weekend at Camp Chestnut Ridge as part of our initiative to support families getting outdoors. The event begun on Saturday afternoon with tent set up by the lake and a welcome game for everyone to get to know each other. Diversity in age, background and outdoor experience culminated in a wonderfully engaged group of outdoor enthusiasts. 


The kids excitement built during our afternoon hike and scavenger hunt. Children started collecting treasures for a fairy home that they co-created when we returned to basecamp for delicious samples of Good To Go food and campfire building. Kids from Learning Outside spearheaded the fire starting with their flint kits. There is nothing more inspiring than watching a child’s eyes light up as they create a spark that we believe lights a lifelong fire of love for nights under the stars. Cooking demos on Primus camp stoves followed while others made their dinner by wrapping veggies and protein in tinfoil and putting it directly in the fire, a great alternative to a camp stove.


The evening can only be described as magical with the smell of a campfire and the joyous calls from children in the wild. Stories and laughter crackled with the crisp twigs. The kids perfected the art of marshmallow roasting on sticks they collected on the property by the lake. The sound of wind rustled the trees and the cold made us feel alive and grateful for the cozy fire.  


As the night grew late, Luci lanterns lite the way to the tents set up in a grove of trees by the lake. The chilly night made for perfect sleeping bag weather. Despite the rain that sprinkled before dawn, we all stayed dry thanks to Marmot tents! 

The rain stopped just in time for breakfast and a morning fire. Hot cocoa and coffee warmed us all from the inside out. The radiant smiles of the kids’ faces at the first sip of cocoa brought me more joy than my morning coffee. Jonas shared his love for Hydroflask and hot chocolate with the sweetest face of total delight. 


The grey, wet morning didn’t stop us from exploring the creek at Camp Chestnut Ridge and continuing development on the epic fairy village. Despite our short time together, we left feeling restored by the outdoors and connected to one another, a new group of friends and fellow adventurers. We look forward to hosting more group camping events and would love to hear your feedback on what type of outdoor adventures you would like to see TB&C offer to the community. Please comment below with a suggestion or favorite adventure spot for a future camping event.         


A huge thanks to all the families who joined us for this event! We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of our incredible community dedicated to local businesses like ours and nonprofits like Learning Outside. We can’t wait to see you at our next campout and other events at the shop. 


Thank you also to our sponsors, Marmot and Osprey. We wouldn’t be able to achieve our vision and goals without the support of amazing outdoor brands who believe in our dreams. We are grateful to work with companies who share our mission to get young people outdoors and work together to create collective consciousness around keeping the wild places wild.


Also, check out this wonderful blog from Yoke and Abundance that Alisha wrote about her experience at the campout.