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Meet Philip Curry, founder of Astral, a footwear and lifejacket brand born in the mountains of North Carolina. Astral is deeply committed to building the best performing products for wilderness athletes, and focused on building them in the least toxic, lowest impact way. Phillip loved creating a company where cool, creative people could work together to benefit nature. Learn more about Phillip and Astral in this exclusive interview.  

Tell us about yourself. Who are you? What inspires you? 
Nature and human's role in it.


What drives you?
Supporting my family and staff. What brings you joy? Being out in wild nature- preferably with friends and/or family.

What inspired you to start Astral?
I saw a lack of passion and commitment to making excellent products for core wilderness users in a way that considers the environmental impact of said products.


What is Astral's mission? What is your personal life mission? How do they influence one another? Astral's life mission is to be a fulfilling place to work while protecting soil and water through our capitalistic endeavours.


How do you incorporate play into your life to create a healthy work/life balance?
I moved to Idaho about 2 years ago, I have endless trails and rivers in my backyard. I try to get out in Nature everyday, It clears my mind and opens it up for the creative influences to flow in!!


What are some of the obstacles you have overcome to pursue this dream?
You name it, I've experienced it!

What are you excited about right now?
So many things...I've got exciting new products and business partners brewing, and a 5 day hut trip in the Wallowas with 6 buddies next week!!

What piece of advice do you have for outdoor enthusiasts with entrepreneurial spirits?
Be a serious user, understand the market and your place in it. If what you are doing is not unique and necessary, don't do it.


What would you have done differently when you started your company if you knew then what you know now?
No regrets.

What’s next? 
I've got the next 7 years pretty well mapped out, so I'm just trying to keep us on the path!!

What’s your favorite product and why?
I really love my Aeropress coffee maker. So simple and makes the best cup of joe.

Bonus question: What do you want your legacy to be? How do you want to be remembered?
As a good father, friend, boss and farmer.

To read more about Astral's story, check out their about page. Stop by the shop to see the awesome new colors in our staff's favorite TR1 Mesh shoe for men and women as well as other great water friendly footwear from Astral. 


Photos by Spencer Cooke, Effort Inc.