The TB&C Buch Bar with Boro Beverage

Boro Beverage is a socially responsible and community driven company. We produce non alcoholic, fermented beverages that are seasonally sourced and agriculturally inspired. Boro Beverage produces various lines of probiotic libations including Kombucha, “wild” sodas, Switchel and shrubs. We produce in small batches and are inspired by the agricultural bounty of the NC Piedmont.


Boro Beverage is unique in that we are seasonally driven. What is available now and how we can source drives our flavors and offerings. We pride ourselves on using organic ingredients, working with fair trade companies, and sourcing ALL our produce from local NC farmers. We are excited to have a new facility operating in Chapel Hill as well as having our mobile bar for hire starting this Spring. In the meantime you can find our products in stores like Weaver St Market and various coffee shops and bars around Orange and Durham County.


Boro Beverage began as a hobby when owner and mother Brewer Carly Erickson would take unwanted produce from farms she worked on and created healthy value added products out of them. Making sauerkraut and vegetable ferments she would create fabulous and vibrant food that was alive, it was like a second chance program! These products evolved into other fermentables and often requested to be purchase by the community. As the demand was there a business was born!


Carly Erickson is a native Californian who has called the NC Piedmont home for 10 years. Her background includes a degree in Sustainable Agriculture, nutritional and herbal studies, as well as a deep rooted background in entrepreneurship since childhood. Her passions include strengthening community, local food access, craft beer, travel and music. Carly is a mother of two and lives in the quirky town of Carrboro, NC.


Endless gratitude to Keen Footwear for making the TB&C Kombucha Bar possible. We value working with brands willing to get creative with marketing dollars to orient them toward community development. With Keen’s help we were able to not only add to our unique in store experience at TB&C but also support another local business!

Thanks Keen!