Heart Song

Here at Townsend Bertram & Company we are a close staff. This camaraderie is fostered by consciously learning more about one another day to day. Recently as a staff we shared Heart Songs, words on a page that reflects what creates authentic joy inside us. The benefit to this is it could be one word, a list, a poem, a story, there are no rules. Here you will find my heart song.

I grew up in a small New Hampshire town known for its apple orchards. It is just as picturesque as you think it is, quaint, kind, and engaging. As I grew, experienced life and left my home town I realized that I was much like the trees I was leaving behind, gnarly, awkward, and yet graceful. An apple tree flowers in the spring, richly scented blossoms in white and pink, and through the summer it provides shade as well as the growth of fruit, as autumn falls upon us we harvest that fruit and share our gratitude by honoring the falling of the leaves, and in the winter those awkward gnarly branches hold the silently falling snow so beautifully it can take your breath away. I realized that I was gnarly, awkward and yet I hold my own kind of grace. It is this knowledge that allowed me to find my heart song.


Sara’s Heart Song

the sunshine seeping into my skin.
the sound of a thunder, lightning, and rain.  it cleanses energy.
the feel of wind on my skin and through my hair.
the silence of snow.
the sound of childrens laughter, owls hooting, coyotes singing
music that moves my soul and body.
words that break my heart open.
observing life.
connection to other souls.
the threads of energy we are all made from that when woven together show us the beauty and importance we each hold.
being an active participant in creating change that stems from the connection we have to and through one another.
beautiful spaces inside and out.
mountains, rivers, lakes, oceans.
It always starts and ends with love.


As we start to meander into Autumn I invite you to go outside, sit for a spell and find your heart song, it is simple yet powerful.