An Interview with Audrey Townsend

Betsy Bertram interviews her mom, co-founder and owner of Townsend Bertram & Company, Audrey Townsend about the history of the shop. Learn how Audrey built a business and a family rooted in her love for the outdoors and community. As we celebrate 30 years in business, we return to 1988 when it all began….

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Run-Her History

One of our own staff, Syd Zester, reflects on and honors the trailblazing women who created space for women and girls in sport today. Diving specifically into her passion, running, Zester appreciates her own trailblazers in her life who set a beautiful example of strength and resiliency.

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Living in the Clouds

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live 1000’s of feet above sea level? Or maybe you’re getting ready to take a trip up, up, up into the mountains this summer? In this piece, Olivia takes us through how our bodies respond to the transition in altitude. She speaks from real experience—she recently relocated from the Triangle to Ecuador! Get useful tips and tricks to manage the altitude transition and hopefully grab a little inspiration for big adventure!

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One Person Can Make a Gigantic Difference

Transitioning from a nature-filled upbringing to a large, city-based university, Danny found himself craving more adventures outside in wide open spaces. So he set out to create that reality. In this piece, Tobin delves into what has inspired him to begin this local trash revolution and how even the busiest of people can make time to give back to our Earth.

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Peripatetic Parallels

What kind of outing does a professional adventurer pursue on her day off? For TB&C Ambassador Marley Parker, hiking a steep, rugged trail with her brother (through slick mud and pouring rain) is the perfect way to reset, and to recognize the perks of a perennial bond.

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Springing into Adventure on the AT

One of our incredible interns from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill takes us through her first backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail. Feeling worn down from the semester, Olivia and a group of her friends decided to plan a spring break trip to the mountains to energize them through the second half of their semester. This incredible trip was made possible thanks to TB&C’s rental program!

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Sentiero Italia: A Thru-Hike in Italy

Being home-sick can make you take drastic decisions. Follow Alessandra as she goes back to Italy to thru-hike her country on the Sentiero. Learn all about the Sentiero Italia thru-hike that starts from the North-eastern Alps, continues along this mountain range to meet the Apennines, the backbone of Italy, and reaches the mountains of Sicily and Sardinia for a total climb of 1.150.000 feet (more than 4 times Mt. Everest!). It is organized in 368 stages to cover 4,275 miles. Alessandra’s love for the mountains and for her family has to be fed once more…

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Because Life is Better Outside

One of our wonderful sustainability interns from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill interviewed Tom Stewart, the founder of Sunski. Sunski is one of Rabina Sawhney’s favorite brands that she introduced to TB&C during her internship, promoting us to pick them up as a new sunglass brand for the shop. In the interview with Tom, Rabina shares Sunski’s story of how this sunglasses start-up became a successful brand in the outdoor industry, what it takes to build a sustainable company, and Tom’s take on the role of a business in supporting local community.

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