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Work with our experienced business owners of a second generation family owned company with 30 years of success. Learn how to grow your business by investing in sustainable practices and your local community. Our team brings years of experience and a unique perspective on brick and mortar retail as community building spaces to cultivate meaningful relationships with customers for lifetime loyalty to your brand. Discover how a values based business model improves your company culture and bottom line.

Let TB&C Consulting orient you to your genuine purpose as a business and explore the incredible impact you and your team can have on the growth of your community.  

Our areas of expertise include:

-Strategic omni-channel development

-Targeted marketing across all platforms

-Thoughtful events, community engagement, and partnerships

-Equitable staffing structures and workflow

-Planning for product selection and buying

-Training in budgetary and cash flow tools

-Optimizing systems and processes

-Growing and sustaining genuine customer relationships

-Building a holistic approach to creating sustainability and viability for long term growth

-Inclusivity training for the growing LGBTQ population

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"Meeting with TB&C consulting left us energized and excited for the future of our retail store. I assumed their time would be helpful, but I greatly underestimated their knowledge and experience in the Outdoor Industry. Their passion for community, employees, and brands they choose to carry in their store is refreshing and contagious. The TB&C consulting team answered our questions thoroughly and thoughtfully. They freely shared practical tips and invaluable strategy with us that only comes from years of dedication to their trade. We wasted no time improving our customer experience and creating an environment where we can truly engage with our community.”

-Matt Moreau, founder of The Landmark Project and Carlisle Mercado, flagship store manager, buyer and visual merchandiser