The Scott B Scholarship Fund 


In 2017 following the death of Scott Bertram, co-founder of Townsend Bertram & Company, his oldest daughter Betsy Bertram established the Scott B Scholarship with local nonprofit, Learning Outside to honor his adventurous life. Learning Outside offers hands-on outdoor learning programs that provide children with time spent outdoors learning, exploring and discovering in the natural world. To read more about Scott B's life and love of nature, see Glass Top Counter blog posts As Fathers Go and Spring Scott B Style.

As of April 2018, $7,000 has already been raised for the Scott B Scholarship fund. 


"What makes Learning Outside special and sets it apart from other Nature Programs is
the nurturing environment where children gain self-confidence, respect for others, and
become part of a caring community. Place children in a beautiful setting amongst the
gardens, animals, pastures, and woods with highly qualified and dedicated instructors
and you have an extraordinary program. I am so happy to be a part of that program."
-Livy Ludington
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Support the Scott B Scholarship fund with the purchase of TB&C 30th anniversary blend, a unique partnership between TB&C, Learning Outside, and Carrboro Coffee Roasters. 10% of the proceeds from all 30th Anniversary Blend beans supports the Scott B Scholarship. 

Stop by the shop Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings to sample the roast for free and purchase a bag of your own.