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Rental Terms

When you rent gear from us at the shop, we'll have you sign a formal rental agreement

Here are the basics*: 

  • 24 hour notice for a cancellation

  • You agree to return the gear during business hours (preferably by noon) on the last day of your rental

    • If you're late, you pay for each addition day

  • You agree to keep the gear in the same condition as when you received it.

  • Clean your gear

    • If not, there's a $30 cleaning fee

  • You agree to pay for repairs or the gear all together if anything is broken, lost, or stolen while in your possession.

  • You acknowledge that activities you might be using our gear for can be hazardous.

    • We aren't responsible for injuries, disabilities, or death caused by the operation, handling, or transportation of the gear while it's in your possession.

  • If you take us to court for any reason, it's on your dime.

*The agreement that you will actually sign is far more detailed and should be read carefully. This is NOT an actual rental agreement.

Return Checklist

We like to be transparent with our expectations. We go through this exact checklist when every piece of rental gear is returned, every time. That way you can rest assured that when you rent gear from us it's functioning, it's got all of the parts, and it's clean. Use this list as a guide for when you return your rental. 

Please also remember that we charge a $30 cleaning fee all rental gear that's brought back wet or excessively dirty. Any broken or missing items will also be your responsibility to replace. For more info on that, check out the Rental Terms.


  • all poles present, undamaged, in stuff sack

  • 10 stakes present, unbent, in stuff sack

  • tent body present, dry, with no holes or tears, zippers functional

  • rain fly present, dry, with no holes or tears, zippers functional

  • ground cloth present, dry

  • original stuff sack present


  • no rips or tears

  • stays undamaged

  • zippers functional

  • sleeping pad straps present

  • dry and clean

Sleeping Bags

  • no rips or tears

  • zippers functional

  • stuff sack present (mesh and nylon if applicable)

  • aired and disinfected (we'll take care of the disinfecting!)

Sleeping Pads

  • stuff sack present

  • inflated and checked for leaks