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At Townsend Bertram & Company, we take pride in the brands we carry. When you shop locally with TB&C, you're getting the best gear that the outdoor industry has to offer. We choose to carry brands with environmentally, locally, and globally responsible mindsets. We do the research so that you don't have to

Whether your next adventure is around the block or around the world, we invite you to join our educated team for an outfitting experience. Our guides will navigate the outdoor gear and apparel world with you to ensure you get what is best for you. We believe outfitting is an experience in itself and the beginning of your next adventure. Stop by the shop to hear firsthand stories from our team about the products we carry from the brands we love and the places they have explored locally and globally in gear, apparel, and footwear from TB&C. 

Do you have a suggestion for an awesome brand or product you would like to see at TB&C? Email our buyer Sara at tbcsara@gmail.com. 

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