At the heart of everything we do here at Townsend Bertram & Company are five core values:


Townsend Bertram & Company strives to do business differently through a sustainable, community minded approach. TB&C's mission is to create community through fun and authentic connections, inspire outdoor adventure, equip and empower diverse customers with top quality products to get outside, and keep our wild places we love wild. We keep our core values and mission at the forefront of our mind in every aspect of our business. 

When we decide what brands to offer you we ask ourselves: "Is this company dedicated to providing top-quality gear to global adventurers through sustainably responsible products?" When we hire new teammates we ask them to bring their passion for the outdoors to all of you in our local community. We are always seeking new was to deepen our connection and positive impact on our community and environment. 

We hold ourselves and the companies we work accountable to our values because we know that you and our entire community expect nothing less than the best from the TB&C family that you've come to love over the last 30 years.