Love Your Trees

I planted a baby Cypress tree two weeks ago next to the one my dad, Scott Bertram, planted in the 1970s. We got the Cypress sapling when we took my dad on an adventure of a lifetime on the Black River. We traveled into the Three Sisters Swamp with a man named Captain Charles Robbins who reminded me of a character out of the Swiss Family Robinson book my dad read to my sister and I growing up. Captain CR paddled the canoe so my dad could sit at the front and just take in the ancient Bald Cypress trees, the oldest in the nation standing strong for 2,500 years. That trip, like so much else in our lives over the past year, felt like a miracle. A miracle that the oldest Cypress in America lives just two and a half hours from our home, that my dad’s health allowed him to go, that we got to hug a tree older than anything we have ever touched.

Betsy B